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Message from the Director (Masatoshi Kawai)

Masatoshi Kawai
The Center for Study of Child Development
The Center for the Study of Child Development (CSCD), located in the Interdisciplinary Research Center of Mukogawa Womenfs University, was established in 2009, with the aim to promote child health and development through conducting research as well as training of child and family practitioners. The Center was founded with the purpose of understanding the developmental processes of children living in a rapidly changing society with a particular focus on support for child development and child-raising. Today, the Center continue to collaboratively work with both local and foreign researchers and practitioners from various discipline in hope to return the benefits of research activities to the educational field as well as making regional and societal contribution.

Concerning the research projects carried out by the Center, study concerning brain science and society was well underway before the establishment of CSCD, where researchers at Mukogawa Womenfs University were closely involved in gIdentification of Factors Affecting Cognitive and Behavioral Development of Children in Japanh, a research project implemented by the Japanese Science and Technology Agency (JST). The research team participated in the project from fiscal year 2004 through 2008 as the developmental psychology group responsible for data collection and analysis. Since fiscal year 2009, we have collaborated with the Clinical Research Department of Mie Central Medical Center in continuing the data collection and follow up to trace childrenfs developmental processes. This was made possible with the funding (Grant-in Aid Scientific Research (A)) provided by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Such longitudinal birth cohort study remain a rarity in Japan, thus the outcomes and findings from the research is expected to contribute significantly to the understanding of childrenfs developmental processes in the near future.

Aside from participating in prominent studies within the country, the Center is also engaged in collaborative research project with foreign institutes, made possible with Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute as our research base in the United States. Currently, the Center is involved in a cross-cultural research with Gonzaga University of Washington State concerning school adjustment of primary school children.

The findings, methodology, and theoretical framework obtained from these projects are utilized and made beneficial for students at higher education, where graduate students receive training as research assistants by participating in the research projects at CSCD. Likewise, knowledge gained from the research at CSCD are also returned to the community where data obtained from the follow up study of infants undertaken in cooperation with Nishinomiya City are utilized in the 10 months infant medical checkup administered by the Nishinomiya City Health Center. The CSCD has also became a venue for study group for professionals working with children, such as public health nurse and child care workers, where seminars and discussions of various topics concerning childrenfs development take place on a monthly basis.

Looking ahead to the future, we hope to promote and increase collaboration with researchers from the United States and Europe to continue pursing research in understanding the development of children in Japan from an international perspective. Our ultimate goal is to become a pioneer in the area of child development that will enable the Center to become a hub for national and international research that also contribute and return benefits back to the local community. We will strive hard to achieve this goal and we sincerely hope that the many resources and features of this website will be informative and useful in furthering the understanding of children and their developmental processes.

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